Products by 5G Automatika Ltd.
  • BorgConnect® Smart Manufacturing Bundle for SMEs

    The BorgConnect® Smart Manufacturing Bundle is a packaged offering for the SMEs i.e. Small & Medium Enterprises, comprising 4 smart apps (for Productivity Improvement, Quality Improvement, Energy Use Improvement and Asset Performance Improvement) that connect to critical machines in an SME... Read More
  • eC4 (Energy Performance Excellence)

    eC4 is an energy conservation, command and control platform that connects non-intrusively to plant equipment and proactively uncovers inefficiencies to ensure optimal energy use (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam, Renewables). eC4 continuously optimizes energy intensity by: a) Connecting... Read More
  • Enterprise Gateway (Asset Performance Excellence)

    The first of its kind intelligent Asset Performance Management solution that continuously drives excellence in asset performance. Specifically, Enterprise Gateway (EG) improves availability & reliability of plant assets in response to a dynamic production demand by vertically integrating... Read More
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    • Water & Wastewater Utilities, UK & USA
    • Top Global Food & Beverage Brands
    • Large Power Plants, Middle East
    • Mining Company, South America
    • Global Personal Care Leader
    • 2 of the Top 5 Auto OEMs
    • Leading Tractor OEM
    • Railway Coach Manufacturer
    • Global IT Leader
    • 120+ Small & Medium Auto Parts Suppliers
    • Top Aerospace OEM