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  • What's Happening in Michigan? New Law Affects Background Screening

    Signed into law on October 13, 2020, the “Clean Slate” package began its official rollout/implementation on April 11, 2023. Now, many employers are experiencing hiring delays. Here's why.
  • Why Humidify?... For People

    Humidified air improves air quality for health and comfort People spend over 60% of their lives indoors, making indoor air quality critical to personal health and comfort, including correct temperature and humidity levels.
  • Modernisations

    Modernisations is a dedicated business area within BEUMER Group, ensuring that your system is enhanced with the latest technologies and products and upgraded to meet your current and future needs. Consequently, your business has the leading edge at all times. Whether you require...
  • Managing the Shift to Remote Work Culture: Frequently Asked Questions for Small Business

    Work culture is an important part of every business. Whether intentional or not, a personality and ethic develops when people spend time together. Leaders who work to instill and maintain positive culture receive a wide range of benefits that lead to business longevity and prosperity. In...
  • More Than Just A Leak Detector

    The U.S. Navy, like many commercial organizations, works with CTRL Systems, Inc. to implement ultrasound technology for predictive maintenance programs to decrease production and operation costs. This paper shall discuss ways to use ultrasonic technology for a fast and effective return on...
  • Networked Lighting Control Rebates are More Standardized

    Most utility rebate programs will incentivize networked lighting control systems. While traditional lighting system rebates have been remarkably stable over the past 10 years, rebates for “networked” lighting controls are very different from one utility to another. Design Lights Consortium (DLC)...
  • AHRI-1330 The standard for infrared heater radiant performance.

    This white paper discusses the importance of the reflector and tubing system in low-intensity gas fire heaters. It outlines the testing procedures and discusses the performance levels determined by testing.
  • Static Electricity - Cause, Effects & Solutions

    The Purpose of this article is to help the reader answer some questions about static electricity: What is static electricity?; How to solve static electricity problems?; How to neutralize or control static charge?; How to remove static charge from non conductive material suce has plastic, paper...
  • Case Study: Repair or Replace Your Bridge Crane?

    Not sure whether to repair or replace your bridge crane? While replacing the equipment is a huge expense, making repairs in the long run can also add up. Read our case study about a customer stuck between a tight budget and chronic break downs.