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By Thermo-cycler Industries, Inc.

Warehouse Heating - Thermo-Cycler offers small, indirect, gas fired air turnover heating equipment from 200 Mbh to 580 Mbh. Thermo Rotation air turnover heating systems for large warehouse buildings are available up to 2000 Mbh. Oil fired, steam, and hot water air turnover heating units are also... Read more »

By Thermo-cycler Industries, Inc.

Fresh Air Ventilation - Thermo-Cycler offers an innovative line of Thermo-Mixer ventilation systems to address fresh air and makeup air needs while maximizing energy efficiency. Unlike direct fired heating equipment, a Thermo-Mixer Fresh Air Ventilation System does not add moisture or other... Read more »

By Thermo-cycler Industries, Inc.

Thermo-Cycler now offers chilled water and DX cooling equipment specifically designed to complement the energy efficient Thermo-Cycler heating system. Our equipment can be installed along with the Thermo-Cycler heating equipment or it can be installed at a later time. While our approach is more... Read more »

By Thermo-cycler Industries, Inc.

Thermo-Cycler specializes in the replacement of inefficient direct fired HTHV space heaters using an innovative hybrid approach to heating and ventilation. Our approach improves both comfort and energy efficiency compared to direct fired HTHV space heaters. Read more »

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