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About VROC

VROC is an industrial AI company, specialising in Asset Reliability and Optimisation for complex process industries.

Our suite of SaaS products helps operators store and utilise their industrial data for real time monitoring, remote operations, predictive maintenance, process optimization and automation.

With VROC businesses can uncover unforeseen correlations and root causes. Engineers, subject matter experts and operators can build AI models of their equipment and processes in just minutes, deploying models directly for real-time predictions and insights.

VROC's predictions are key to reducing operating costs and improving performance for a competitive advantage.

Competitors of VROC


VibePro is a leading global innovator and manufacturer of predictive maintenance solutions leveraging Apple's iPad power and ease of use. VibePro's product portfolio, which originated with Vibraton Analysis & Balancing Tools, now encompasses Thermography, Ultrasound, Alignment and Machine... Read More

Products by VROC


VROC's Predictive Maintenance No-Code AI solution, OPUS, helps plant operators and maintenance teams avoid unplanned asset failures and improve asset reliability and performance. Get one step ahead, so you can plan essential maintenance, arrange for back-ups to be brought online, order spares... Read more »