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About Vibration Specialty Corporation

VSC has been the industrial partner for preventing machinery failures and unnecessary repairs since 1918. In fact, VSC’s history includes helping to pave the way for the Industrial Revolution with such customers as Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Our service center balanced Mr. Edison’s turbines and generators, and Mr. Ford’s Model T crank shafts. Since then, VSC has remained the trusted leader in predictive maintenance by developing and using the most modern technologies for advanced problem detection and resolution.

VSC provides 24-hour service in machinery diagnostics, balancing, and alignment. Using state-of-the-art instrumentation (now developed-in house), skilled and experienced field engineers, accurately evaluate machine conditions in many industries including power generation, industrial gases, pulp and paper, and the marine industry, just to name a few.

A complete line of condition monitoring products is also available, including hardware and software that is presently unrivaled. Training services are also provided for those interested in developing or enhancing in-house skills.

Emergency service is available at your facility or in the VSC Balancing Center. Service personnel are accustomed to evaluating rotating equipment (large, small, low speed, high speed, flexible, rigid) in both land-based and marine applications.

Balancing service is available at your facility or in the VSC Balancing Center. The Balancing Center can accommodate rotors weighing up to 20,000 lbs. in house and up to 400,000 lbs. on site. ISO, ANSI, MIL, API, etc. are some of the tolerances with which compliance is routinely met or surpassed.

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Products by Vibration Specialty Corporation

By Vibration Specialty Corporation

The SV3X Toolbox is machine balancing vibration analysis equipment, compatible with an array of rotating equipment. The basic SV3X balancing package consists of the SV3X, a four channel pigtail BNC adapter cable, phase reference marker, two single axis accelerometers with cabling to BNC... Read more »

By Vibration Specialty Corporation

The SpectraDec vibration analysis device has up to eight (8) separate channels each with its own A/D and connects to a standard computer using a USB 2.0 connection. The cardset can be used with our WinProtect software for four (4) channel Route Collection, Realtime Analysis, Event Monitoring,... Read more »

By Vibration Specialty Corporation

At every step of the way, the SV3X™ vibration data collector and analyzer makes it easy for you to use portable vibration analysis technology. The data you collect are complete, accurate and consistent. With up to 4-channel simultaneous data acquisition you can capture data from a triaxial... Read more »

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