5G Automatika Ltd. & the National Research Council of Canada are Collaborating on a Research Project around Felt Life Analysis in Paper Mfg.

Press Release from 5G Automatika Ltd.

Ottawa, ON, Canada, 11-June-2021 : 5G Automatika Ltd. and the National Research Council of Canada’s (NRC) Automotive and Surface Transportation Research Centre are collaborating on a research project consisting of felt life analysis in the paper industry. The study involves applying multiple statistical techniques to understand the impact of different paper machine process variables on the degradation of felts, and assess which variables have a significant impact on remaining useful felt life.

It is expected that the findings, using real-world industrial data, will address a key challenge in the paper manufacturing sector – minimizing felt replacement costs by predicting potential failure. The study is being conducted at the NRC’s Manufacturing and Automotive Innovation Hub , a facility located in London, Ontario, that focusses on helping the Canadian industry adopt more advanced manufacturing approaches, and is expected to conclude in June 2021 .


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