Anti-Slip Flooring (26 companies found)

The companies highlighted in this directory design, sell, install and maintain industrial grade anti-slip flooring and anti-slip flooring accessories. Some of the anti-slip flooring technologies offered by these companies include: non-skid floor coating, rubber matting, chemical treatments of floor surfaces, polyurethane floor coverings and floor mats, and anti-slip paint finishes – eco-friendly and fire retardant anti-slip flooring is offered by some of these companies. The safety of your workplace and workforce is important regardless of industry; chemical, oil and gas, food processing, power generation, and metalworking facilities all require anti-slip products and technologies to stay OSHA compliant and protect the safety of workers in day-to-day plant operation.

  • Johnson Technologies Corp

    ERGOBUDDY Ergonomic Products & Services
    ERGOBUDDY® Therapy Platform: Design achieves optimum performance, comfort, and ergonomic protection. - Therapy Platforms® innovative rigid “backing” prevents bunching, curling, shifting and snaking – no more tape, glue, screws, or trip hazards. - Three mats combined in one with sealed closed cell foam for maximum comfort...
  • Nurazzo Terrazzo Tile

  • INCOM Manufacturing Group

    At INCOM Manufacturing Group, we manufacture specialty adhesive tape and identification signage products for the safety and compliance markets.
  • Scotgrip International

    Scotgrip are manufacturers of high quality, heavy duty anti-slip & polyurethane safety products for stairways, walkways, decks, ladders, ramps & gangways.
  • Wearwell, llc.

    Wearwell has introduced more successful ergonomic and safety surfaces than anyone in our industry. We develop game-changing products that solve specific workplace challenges. Innovative design can mean the difference between a product that is “good enough” and one that energizes your team.
  • Notrax

  • Durable Corporation

    Durable Corporation manufactures a complete line of high quality loading dock bumpers, wheel chocks and floor mats and is a leader in the innovation and promotion of recycled-tire industrial products.
  • 3M Industrial Adhesives & Tapes

    A busy workplace can be an accident waiting to happen. That’s why 3M science is continually finding new ways to enhance facility safety – with technologies engineered to protect your workplace against fire, hazardous fumes, slips and falls, chemical spills and more. Like you, we’re dedicated to...
  • Safety Maker, Inc.

    Federal OSHA regulations are in place to save lives and create a safe working environment. Safety Maker, Inc. is dedicated to the advancement of simple, reliable safety protection throughout the construction industry. The Safety Boot®, SurShield®, VersiShield® and StringerShield® were created...
  • Ergo Advantage Inc.

    Ergo Advantage Inc. is North America’s leading manufacturer of modular ergonomic PVC matting, providing solutions for anti-fatigue, antimicrobial, anti-slip, ESD and 5S initiatives. Our tiles improve employee safety, are easy to install, and have the best warranty and environmental footprint on...