Products by Ramsay Corporation
  • Pre-Employment and Hiring Tests

    Ramsay Corporation is a leader in the creation and validation of tests for skilled technicians. We have utilized our 35+ years of test development experience to create a series of off-the-shelf testing products to assess maintenance, production, and operator workforces. Browse our categories to... Read More
  • Apprentice and Entry-Level Testing

    Our basic skills tests measure skills that could be reasonably expected from all job candidates as the basic requirements for learning and performing entry level or lower level jobs in manufacturing, processsing, or operating. Examples of where basic skills are required are reading... Read More
  • Training Diagnostics and Skills Gap Analysis

    Ramsay Corporation sells technical knowledge tests that are designed to measure the specific knowledge and skills required for various job types. Tests are available for the apprentice level, trainee level, journey-level, and above journey-level. Read More
White Papers by Ramsay Corporation
  • Building a Better Maintenance Force: How Knowledge Testing Simplifies Training By

    The maintenance manager of any facility has as first priority the efficient and reliable operation of the organization. But sometimes the individual employee assigned to a maintenance activity may not be equal to the task at hand. Read more

    When an organization wishes to start a program to provide a route for employees or applicants to receive instruction in maintenance, it often is useful to have a local advisory group of employees and managers to give their advice or assistance. Such a committee might have representation from the... Read more
  • Ensuring That You Have the Most Qualified Workforce: Pay For Knowledge By

    It is the responsibility of maintenance managers to ensure that their plants are staffed by highly qualified, highly skilled individuals. But how can this be accomplished? Read more