Ikeuchi USA Inc

8110 Beckett Center Drive West
West Chester, OH 45069

About Ikeuchi USA Inc

Ikeuchi USA was established in October 2006 as a subsidiary of H. IKEUCHI & CO., LTD and continues to provide fog to customers in North and South America. Our industry has expanded to include aerospace, medical care, and agriculture and livestock in addition to our pre-existing industries of steel, automobiles, electronics, printing, textiles, packages, and foods.

Our world-class fog is used for all kinds of manufacturing products and food products, cutting-edge technology, and environmental solutions, and provides a space to stay cool and refreshed. Our products change people's lives with limitless possibilities and we feel proud to be called ‘Fog Engineers’. We will continue to pursue the possibility of our products enriching the community, the world, and the earth through innovative technologies that go further than fog alone through our expertise and extreme dedication. In addition, we value teamwork and will create an enjoyable company where employees can be constantly satisfied and fulfilled with their workplaces.

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