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About Johnson Technologies Corp

Manufacturer of patented Ergobuddy ergonomic products for industry.
Innovative products include anti-fatigue footwear insoles with ergosert technology, anti-fatigue matting with "No trip" technology. Ergowood modular flooring for industry.
✯ Ergonomic Stand Up Sewing Control Pedals for the sewn goods industry. ✯ Custom Ergonomic Solutions

Products by Johnson Technologies Corp

By Johnson Technologies Corp

Ergowood®  Modular Therapy Platforms

-Therapeutic air cushion design with continuous resilency -Modular work platform -Absorbs stress and shock, relieves fatigue and reduces discomfort from concrete, wood and steel floors -Suspension technology design raised wood off the floor, creating spring absorption and air cushioning -Yellow... Read more »

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By Johnson Technologies Corp

Anti-Fatigue Floor Matting

Ergobuddy® Therapy Platform Lite A New Industry Standard In Safety, Performance, and Comfort for Floor Mats -Therapy Platforms Lite DO NOT Bunch Up, Curl Up, Shift, Walk, Warp, Or Wiggle. -Safety Suspension System Technology (SSST) prevents trip hazards inherent in prior matting alternatives by... Read more »

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By Johnson Technologies Corp

ERGOBUDDY® Therapy Platform

Design achieves optimum performance, comfort, and ergonomic protection. - Therapy Platforms® innovative rigid “backing” prevents bunching, curling, shifting and snaking – no more tape, glue, screws, or trip hazards. - Three mats combined in one with sealed closed cell foam for maximum comfort... Read more »

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