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About MicroCool

MicroCool has 40+ years of experience in cooling and humidification management for a vast range of industries worldwide. Our experts are solution oriented, with the power to unlock your plants fullest potential. With MicroCool's Focus Humidification Network, our high-pressure fog cooling and humidification system, growers are now able to accurately manage VPD levels across all stages of growth. Speak with us to discuss why VPD is so important for your plants and how it drives size, weight, and profit in your cultivation. Made for indoor commercial cannabis facilities, as well as, large greenhouses, our systems allow precise control of the environment and offer customizable, accurate zoning.

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Products by MicroCool

By MicroCool

The specialized FOCUS humidity control equipment operates differently from conventional systems. Each nozzle has a solenoid built into the housing that controls the operation of the nozzle. This factor alone eliminates the risk of dripping and draining nozzles in the location. The FOCUS X CELL... Read more »