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November 13, 2020 Move H2O with Consistency! 

Water Transfer Pump  When moving water out of a drip pan in a controlled & consistent manner is desired a Transfer Pump is an excellent tool to get the job done! The Killarney Metals Water Transfer Pump is made of all metal construction for long lasting, durable service life. The Water Pump can be used in a spill containment situation with a drip catch pan or it can be used outside of a containment pan for moving liquids from place to place. Use the Water Transfer Pump with hoses to pump water out of a drip pan for disposal or recycling within a system.

  Water Transfer Pump Specifications:

  • All Metal Construction
  • Max Flow: 320 Gallons Per Hour
  • Total Head Lift: 42 Feet,
  • Dual Threaded inlet and outlet for 3/4 inch hose wi th 1/10 H orsepower.
  • Suction hose, inlet strainer, spare impeller and gasket included.

To find out more about the NEW Water Transfer Pump visit  KillarneyMetals.com  or call toll-free (877) 801-7417 during business hours 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM EST to speak directly with an experienced member of the Killarney Metals team. 

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