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Press Release from Killarney Metals

October1, 2020  Hospitality Pans are HERE! 

Water Dispenser Tray Prevent office water dispenser mishaps with a simple & economical solution - the NEW Water Dispenser Tray. The low profile design of our Dispenser Tray means your water cooler area will be protected against drips & spills as well as the potential slips & falls that may come from them. Our Water Cooler Tray is finished in a durable Faux Stainless Steel powder-coat paint that looks sleek & will last the life of your cooler. The Dispenser Tray is sized to fit the footprint of most office water cooler models. Contain spills & protect your office today!

Mini Fridge Drip Pan Perfect for hotels, condos, offices, & dorms, our NEW Mini Fridge Drip Pan is designed to contain any of those unwanted spills that will occur inside the fridge. Prevent mold development & property damage like warped wood floors, cabinet rot, & wallboard destruction. A simple Mini Fridge Drip Pan can contain the leaks & spills keeping liquids off your surfaces, safely contained in the pan! Our Mini Fridge Pan is sized to fit most models of mini refrigerators on the market. The Mini Refrigerator Pan is finished with a durable faux stainless steel powder-coat paint, providing a long service life & an aesthetic appeal.

To find out more about the NEW Hospitality Pans visit KillarneyMetals.com or call toll-free (877) 801-7417 during business hours 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM EST to speak directly with an experienced member of the Killarney Metals team.   

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