Furnaces/Ovens (33 companies found)

Companies in this category design, manufacture, distribute and repair furnaces and ovens for industrial applications. Industries such as automotive manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, aerospace design, and energy and oil utilize the various types of ovens and furnaces offered by these companies. These types include: fuel or electrically heated furnaces; annealing ovens; infrared ovens; convection ovens, brazing kilns, benchtop, walk-in, or conveyor furnaces. The wide range of furnace and oven product options is matched by the broad applications of these products, applications such as: curing, drying, sterilizing, hardening, testing, preheating, melting and forging a variety of different materials and substances. The companies listed below offer turnkey-ready and/or custom designed ovens and furnaces. Explore the company links below to locate company phone and email contact information and to browse their oven and furnace products and solutions.

  • Plasti-Mach Corp.

    Rating: 5 - 3 reviews
    Pre-Heat Oven: Used Brown Model 53 Pre-Heat Oven Allows The Material To Expand Naturally Allows high heat materials
  • Epcon Industrial Systems, LP.

    Epcon has consistently been a global leader in developing new and innovative air pollution control technology and industrial heating equipment. Epcon specializes in custom designing and manufacturing pre-engineered and pre-tested Air Pollution Control Systems.
  • Can-Eng Furnaces International, Ltd.

    Can-Eng Furnaces is a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial heat treating equipment. Our rugged designs have served commercial and captive heat-treaters, stamping and fastener companies, automotive component producers, the iron and steel industries, aluminum foundries, agricultural,...
  • Thermal Fluid Systems Inc

    Thermal fluid ("hot oil") heating systems are used in many industrial applications where efficiency and accurate temperature control between 300° F and 750° F are required.
  • Davron Technologies

    Davron Technologies, Inc. (DTI) designs, builds and installs custom-engineered turnkey industrial thermal processing systems for manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, industrial foam and other manufacturing sectors worldwide. As a total industrial oven manufacturer, Davron...
  • Advanced Vacuum Systems Inc

    AVS provides custom vacuum and pressure furnaces to customers around the world. Our manufacturing facility in Ayer, Massachusetts is vertically integrated with in-house capabilities that include furnace design and engineering, ASME certified welding, panel building, complete integration, and...
  • Pillar Induction

    Pillar Induction partners with our customers to design, manufacture and service induction heating & melting equipment for various industries throughout the world. Pillar is committed to providing total induction solutions to our customers. As an innovator in induction heating power supplies,...
  • Taricco Corporation

    Taricco is a diversified manufacturer of industrial process equipment and systems. Taricco designs, engineers, fabricates, installs, trains and warranties equipment as a single manufacturer with total control of quality and responsibility to the Customer. By performing and controlling all phases...
  • Hitemp Technology Corp

    HiTemp Technology (HTT) is a custom manufacturer of thermal catalytic oxidizers, fume incinerators and oxidizer systems featuring enclosed flares, rotary kilns and moving-earth scrubber systems to control methane gas emissions for eco-friendly industrial applications. HiTemp's customers range...
  • Thermal Specialties

    From next-generation industrial furnace systems and heat-treating capabilities to refractory installation and repair and insulation materials, Thermal Specialties is the single-source provider for high-temperature thermal processing applications.