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  • M55 Electric Hoist By The David Round Co.

    SPACE-SAVING WIRE ROPE HOIST PRODUCTS EXPAND OVERHEAD WORKSPACE David Round wire rope hoists create additional overhead lifting space by requiring as little as 16″ of beam-to-hook clearance (headroom). Maximize usable workspace under bridge, jib and gantry cranes Increase load clearance over... Read More
  • MachineDoctor™ By Nanoprecise Sci Corp

    Machine-Doctor is a unique 6-in-1 IIoT sensor, that measures the 6 most important parameters of Vibration, Acoustics, RPM, Temperature, Humidity & Magnetic Flux. The Predictive maintenance framework of Nanoprecise brings the sensor data over from the site to the corporate network, to help... Read More
  • MacroAir HVLS Fans By Energy Saving Products Inc

    MacroAir fans is the industry innovator and pioneer of HLVS fans. Featuring fans as large as 24' in diameter. These fans provide cooling comfort and winter destratification using minimal HP. Saves energy and improves worker comfort! Easy to install. Stand alone, or fully integrated into building... Read More
  • Onine Edition By Ashcom Technologies

    A subscription-based CMMS software with a low monthly fee Requires minimal implementation, just sign up and get to work Manage work orders, preventative maintenance schedules and tasks, assets, inventory, and purchase orders Reports and analyzes trends in data Read More
  • MaintiMizer™ BlackBox² By Ashcom Technologies

    MaintiMizer BlackBox² CMMS was designed to be a solution for smaller operations without eliminating key functionality of a CMMS solution MaintiMizer BlackBox² is: A self-contained CMMS network appliance that does not require a dedicated IT team to manage it. Designed to be plugged in, turned... Read More
  • MaintiMizer™ Web Edition By Ashcom Technologies

    MaintiMizer Web Edition is organized into “modules” that correspond to the most frequently-used maintenance management functions: Work Order, Preventive Maintenance/Equipment, Inventory, Vendor/Purchase Order, and Timecard. (There are also Utility and Help modules to help you manage and learn... Read More
  • Management of Change By VelocityEHS

    Ranked as the best Management of Change (MOC) system in the industry by a leading third-party analyst firm, our MOC product streamlines complex EHS process workflows to mitigate risk and ensure employee safety. VelocityEHS makes it easy for you to manage change more efficiently and with more... Read More
  • Mechanical Turnstiles By Designed Security, Inc.

    Our mechanical turnstiles are engineered to meet the most-demanding security and control requirements. They can function as stand-alone units or as part of an integrated system, be fitted for any application with leading edge technology and features, and integrate with most card reader systems... Read More
  • METGUARD Metatarsal Protector By Impacto Protective Products Inc

    The METGUARD safety footwear attachment protects the metatarsal area of the foot by defl ecting and dispersing the impact of falling loads. Designed and tested to compliment steel cap footwear. The lip of the METGUARD sits on top of the steel cap at load point. • Extremely durable, non... Read More
  • Mini Floor & Pallet By Sun Technologies

    The perfect solution to standing on hard cold cement or raising those valuable items off the floor. Molded from high density plastic resin the Pallets floor system comes with a non skid surface, Mini Floor & Pallet products offer a unique construction, allowing easy drainage and air circulation.... Read More
  • Mobile Maintimizer By Ashcom Technologies

    Use your PDA or mobile phone to record fieldwork and upload results to your MaintiMizer database in real time using a cellular network. Use your facility’s WiFi network to take your field operations to the next level. Use one of the first cellular-compatible real-time CMMS interfaces. Using an... Read More
  • Model 140 By Hampshire Controls

    This is a single probe temperature alarm, covering -200°C to +400°C in various factory set ranges, housed in a wall-mounted or free-standing box. The basic unit includes alarm on high and low temperatures, with audible and visual alarm indicators (beeper and LED), settable mute and alarm "chirp"... Read More
  • Model 140-200R By Hampshire Controls

    This is a single probe temperature alarm, covering -200°C to +50°C, housed in a wall-mounted or free-standing box. The basic unit includes alarm on high and low temperatures, with audible and visual alarm indicators (beeper and LED), settable initial delay, mute and alarm "chirp" periods, and a... Read More
  • Model ADM By Hampshire Controls

    If you have an alarm connected to a telephone dialer, or to some central monitoring service,you will immediately recognize the value of our ALARM DELAY MODULE. The module allows you to set a time period that must be completed, with the alarm signal continuously present, before the alarm is sent... Read More
  • Model CA5000 Freezer Back-Up Systems By Hampshire Controls

    Model CA5000 freezer back-up system provides security for your products to ultra-low temperatures. It offers user-programmable alarm and control set points, and alarm delay times. Parameters are stored in non-volatile memory, and are maintained even when power is lost. The customer supplied... Read More
  • Model LD-200 By Hampshire Controls

    The Model LD-200 uses a single probe/sensor for monitoring liquid nitrogen level, while automatically providing audible and visual alarm indication should the liquid nitrogen level drop below the end of its special probe. In operation, a special, 1/4-inch diameter probe (up to 2 feet long) is... Read More
  • Modular Guardrail By HySafe

    HySafe offers this modular guardrail. It is a passive fall protection system that is easy to assemble on standing seam and metal deck rooftops. This guardrail weighs between 1.1 lbs. to 3 lbs. The lightweight design reduces the weight load on the roof. This permanent system is made with steel... Read More
  • Modular Work Stations By Indoff Material Handling

    Prefabricated modular work stations with the largest number of accessories in the market. Applications include manufacturing work stations, Electronics, clean room, medical device manufacturing. Finish is always anti-stat with conductive options Read More
  • Modular-Kart Multi-Level Cart By Sun Technologies

    Put workers on the move by adding a few of our Modular-KartsTM to your operation. Ideally suited for pick-and-pull warehouses, they’re strong enough to handle heavy loads and light enough for workers to manage easily. Read More
  • Motors / Amplifiers / Drives By Industrial Indexing Systems Inc.

    At Industrial Indexing Systems we offer a wide range of brushless servo, and stepper motors with output power from 30W to 55 kW. Wash down, high temperature, explosion proof, and food grade models are all available. Amplifier choices include servo and stepper driven models, and we can engineer a... Read More
  • Motors, Drives and Power Transmission By Classic Automation

    Classic Automation repairs and stocks servo motors, drives, and power transmission parts to meet your specific needs from manufacturers such as: -ABB -Allen-Bradley -B&R -GE-Fanuc -Indramat -Lenze -SEW -Siemens. All parts and repairs come with a 2-year warranty. Browse our website to locate... Read More
  • MPS Multi Probe Alarm System By Hampshire Controls

    MPS Series Systems are multi-probe (2-8 probes), lab-grade monitors and alarm systems that have the ability to automatically inform you of out-of-tolerance conditions within freezers, refrigerators, coolers, and, within server rooms and buildings. They can be configured with various sensor types... Read More
  • MPulse Advanced By MPulse Maintenance Software

    In addition to all the great preventive maintenance and work order management features included in Professional, our Advanced package includes the ability to receive, manage, and update service requests from unlimited requesters. It also includes our exclusive Asset Status Board, and advanced... Read More
  • MPulse Enterprise By MPulse Maintenance Software

    Our Enterprise edition offers a full suite of features and functions for experienced maintenance teams of all types and sizes—from managing PMs, work orders, and service requests, to tracking and controlling inventory and managing vendors. Also includes our IIoT-ready Condition-Based Maintenance... Read More
  • MPulse Professional By MPulse Maintenance Software

    Our Professional package helps maintenance teams gain better control over their preventive maintenance (PM) scheduling and work order management so they can use resources wisely and measure results accurately. Work Order Management Get the highest priority work done while making sure lower... Read More
  • MRO Program By Procure Analytics

    Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) supplies are critical to keeping your locations running efficiently, but with millions of SKUs and thousands of suppliers, managing this category can feel like an unsolvable puzzle. LEVERAGE: Our $1B+ managed spend enables us to negotiate aggressive... Read More
  • M-Series Make-Up Air Unit By Cambridge Air Solutions

    M-Series make-up air units (MAUs) by Cambridge are on the cutting edge of Make-Up Air technology and boast many unique features other systems on the market cannot duplicate. Our Make-Up Air System is designed with reliability and year-round energy savings in mind, along with low costs for... Read More
  • MWH Factory Parts for Marine and Stationary Power Plants By MSHS

    MWH is a worldwide provider of perfomance systems housed within large combustion engines for vessels and power generation plants. Leveraging decades of experience, MWH develops reliable critical-to-function components for large 2- and 4-stroke combustion engines, setting new benchmarks for... Read More