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By Scientific Dust Collectors®

Scientific Dust Collectors manufactures a full line of Baghouse Dust Collectors to meet the needs of your specific operation. For over 35 years, SDC has provided customers with unmatched cleaning performance due to our superior cleaning system that employs a patented supersonic nozzle to clean... Read more »

By Scientific Dust Collectors®

If the cost of a NEW dust collector is not reachable at this point, Scientific Dust Collectors has just the solution. A retrofit system designed to improve the cleaning systems in all existing baghouse dust collectors. This cleaning system improvement can be applied to all reverse pulse jet... Read more »

By Energy Saving Products Inc

BBC heaters are rugged, durable, electric infrared heaters that use a unique Black Body Emitter. In 1967 Black Body Corporation developed a flat panel emitter with an excellent "emissivity" factor (rate of emitting energy) that is highly efficient and uniform. That means the patented Black Body®... Read more »

By York Precision Machining & Hydraulics

If you're looking for a safe, reliable locking feature for your hydraulic components, look no further than Bear-Loc®. These innovative locking devices have earned the trust of companies around the world because of their innovative design, ease of use and — most of all — their safety. Bear-Loc®... Read more »

By DEMAX Controls

Custom-designed and manufactured for your application - check it out! Read more »

By Garrison Flood Control Systems, LLC.

The Beluga™ Large Sand Filled Flood Barrier is a unique flood control system that is ideal for protection of important property and infrastructure. Beluga is a concertina style, big bag, flood barrier consisting of a heavy duty oversized bag, divided into 5 distinct chambers. Use sand or other... Read more »


The BEUMER robotpac® systems palletise and depalletise any type of package using specially developed sector-specific and task-specific gripper tools. The Beumer adjustment control system ensures simple operation and a smooth flow, even for complex processes with varying parameters. Reliably and... Read more »


The Parcel Belt conveyor provides a fast, is a fast, easy and cost-effective transport system for transporting anything from packages to polybags. The conveyor ensures a smooth handling of incoming goods by combining the art of conveying packages cost-effectively with reliable operating... Read more »

By Impacto Protective Products Inc

NEW!!! IMPACTO® AntiVibration Mechanic's style AirGlove® Full finger style provides maximum hand protection. Helps prevent Hand-Arm Vibration syndrome (HAVS) and White Finger Disease . Utilizes patented Air Glove® technology in the palm, fingers and thumb. Meets anti-vibration glove standard... Read more »

By Scientific Dust Collectors®

The SPJ-BV Series heavy-duty, reverse-pulse bin vent dust collector has no moving parts and ships completely assembled for quick installation. The heavy duty bin vent is available in different sizes - our LOW PROFILE model is only 36” high. High efficiency pleated bags, using a patented cleaning... Read more »

By Impacto Protective Products Inc

These economical nylon/cotton knitted vibration damping gloves are coated with "pods" of lightweight cellular Chloroprene. The combination makes for extremely comfortable vibration reducing gloves that use encapsulated air to cushion and dampen vibration, giving the user good dexterity, a... Read more »

By ElectroStatics Inc

ElectroStatics, Inc offers a wide range of static control blow off guns for many applications in the plastics industry. Using static control, also know as ionization blow off guns, helps to save compressed air in many applications. Read more »

By ElectroStatics Inc

ElectroStatics, inc offers the largest range of static control, also know as ionization blowers, for static control in the plastics industry. Read more »

By 5G Automatika Ltd.

The BorgConnect® Smart Manufacturing Bundle is a packaged offering for the SMEs i.e. Small & Medium Enterprises, comprising 4 smart apps (for Productivity Improvement, Quality Improvement, Energy Use Improvement and Asset Performance Improvement) that connect to critical machines in an SME... Read more »

By Shupper-Brickle Equipment Co.

Shupper-Brickle custom-designs and builds bridge cranes to spec. Our overhead cranes are manufactured in New Jersey and installed throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including New Jersey, the Greater New York City area, the Greater Philadelphia area, Delaware, and Maryland's Eastern... Read more »

By Spadone Bearings

Spadone provides plain bronze bearings, bar stock, washers, bronze wearplates and special machined parts in a wide variety of bronze alloys. Some of these alloys include Aluminum, Manganese and Bearing Bronze, however, for broader list of the alloys available, please see our Alloy Selection... Read more »