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Merit Solutions expands life science quality and inventory controls with latest release of Merit for Life Science

Press Release from Merit Solutions

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Merit Solutions today announced the general availability of Merit for Life Science spring release which includes enhancements to quality incidents, quality audits, and materials batch management for Microsoft Dynamics 365. This release helps customers manage quality processes, streamline FDA compliance, and expand controls over inventory batches to improve business operations.

“We’ve received incredible feedback about the value this release brings life science customers. Because Merit for Life Science is built to reside with Microsoft Dynamics 365, customers don’t have to hassle with managing multiple updates – it all works together, seamlessly,” shares VP of Product, Paul Challinor. “It is paramount for Merit that our customers have the confidence to trust that their ERP software is available out of the box, easy to maintain and upgrade in a validated cloud environment, and provides the controls needed to ensure quality processes are followed.”

  • Quality incidents allow customers to capture details for any kind of incident whether a deviation, non-conformance, complaint or CAPA, and track the process and actions required to address the incident. Critically, this provides the controls and audit trails necessary for compliance while providing visibility to internal stakeholders so that the data can be leveraged for continuous process optimization.
  • Quality audits, audit trails and electronic signatures help the quality assurance team verify that the company is following quality standards, automate and manage internal process audits, or FDA or customer audits, within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Quality personnel can access well-organized, transparent reporting to prove the validity of electronic records, and meet 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for audit trails with electronic signatures.
  • Vendor delivery performance analysis and vendor quality analysis summaries provide filterable data on performance and quality trends that may be used for the on-going management of vendors.
  • Expanded Inventory Batch and Sub-batch controls allows customers to leverage a configurable rules-based process to split inventory using any combination of batch/serial/license plate dimensions. This split, or sub-batch, helps customers isolate inventory for testing, investigations, or other processes and maintain links to the parent batch automatically. If an issue is identified, customers can update the parent batch and quickly identify the associated sub-batches updating their status as appropriate. As with all Merit for Life Science features, the customer is able to maintain fully auditable, end-to-end, track and trace functionality.

For more information on the enhancement above, or additional product release, http://meritsolutions.com/product-updates/

About Merit Solutions: A Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and a leading software provider in the Life Science industry, Merit for Life Science advances Microsoft D365 cloud first ERP to help biotech, pharma, and medical device organizations (product owners, CMOs, and CDMOs) better manage procurement, production, inventory and warehousing, and quality controls while streamlining the complex processes that come with a highly regulated manufacturing environment. Our team has developed and provided professional services to life science organizations for more than twenty years. For additional information http://www.meritsolutions.com

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