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About Masterduct

MASTERDUCT employs the most advanced technology in engineering hoses specifically designed for conquering the daily challenges of plastics processing.

The Master-SIL 2 hose provides high-temperature resistance and good chemical resistance, which makes it especially suitable for the suction and extraction of warm air during the plastics drying process.

The Master-PUR hose series provides the 3 most important features of a spiral hose in 1 product: Antistatic, Food Grade, and Flame-Resistant. All of these advantages combined create the most versatile, cost effective, and abrasive resistant flexible hose on the market.

The new Master-PUR Performance hose is the world‘s first PU spiral hose with a seamless smooth inner lining. Its unique manufacturing process makes it the most abrasion-resistant PU spiral hose in the world, withstanding even the toughest conditions. Durability, reliability and greatly improved cost-efficiency are guaranteed.