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Cars have dashboards so the driver can get to where he wants to go.
Airports have control towers to make sure everything and everyone gets to where they need to be.
All of your individual machines have control panels so you can make them do what they are supposed to do.

Shouldn't your business have the same kind of single point of control?

Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP software) provides the level of oversight and control that is absolutely necessary for you, as a manager or owner, to make sure that all of your resources are all working towards the same goal.

But it's not enough to have one system to do purchasing, totally separate from another that does inventory management, both running independently from your system that runs your shop floor.

All the pieces need to run together, aware of each other, reacting (and enabling you to react) smoothly, correctly, and confidently.

This white paper, called "Get ERP Right the First Time"